Better data. Better projects.

Bring site conditions to your screen at the click of a button with the Tablet PC Annotation System.

TPAS® facilitates digital collection of survey data in the field using AutoCAD, streamlining the preparation of reports, cost estimates, and design documents. Users can choose from a standard library of condition annotations, or create custom data capture fields that can easily be applied to the documentation of buildings, infrastructure, and cultural resources. TPAS® is ideal for existing conditions documentation, but its applications are as limitless as your reporting needs.

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TPAS® dramatically increases the usability of the data you are already recording on site. Using standard AutoCAD functions and formats, TPAS® lets you experience total digital inter-connectivity on site, between notes and photographs and between the visual and numerical representations of your data. The cloud-based TPAS® Web Portal allows interactive viewing and analysis of project data, drawings, and photographs, and collaboration among multiple project team members.

“We are especially pleased with the TPAS® system and how it fits right into our drawings. This saves us drafting time and helps us generate a very comprehensive report in just a few days”
– Mike Lennon, Flynn Battaglia Architects

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