The TPAS Web Portal

Powerful data analysis and collaboration from any device, without AutoCAD.

The TPAS Web Portal is a cloud-based application for interactive analysis of survey data in numerical and visual formats. The Portal can be accessed anywhere with a web connection – from a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone – and it facilitates data-sharing among multiple project team members without time-consuming uploads, email attachments, disks or flash drives.

How it works

The TPAS Web Portal builds on the functionality of AutoCAD by allowing highly customizable data filtering. It’s easy to create selective table or drawing views, generate pdf reports, and export data to other applications. The Portal’s collaborative features and go-anywhere accessibility make it ideal for construction administration and other multi-user project applications.

Key Features

  • Data is displayed in numerical (table) and visual (drawing) formats. Both can be filtered for customized views.
  • High-resolution photographs of survey conditions can be accessed through table views and drawing views.
  • Customized drawing views make it easy to reveal patterns of failure and relationships between conditions, or to track changing conditions from year to year.
  • Data is easily exported to other spreadsheets, databases, or cost estimation software.

Try out a sample web portal to see how powerful it is to have your survey data available in the cloud.

Download the TPAS Web Portal User’s Guide.

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