Transformative Technology – Tablet PC Software Modernizes Facility Condition Assessments

Chambers, Murphy and Burge Restoration Architects, are development partners for TPAS™  and have been utilizing the tablet-based digital annotation system in the field to document conditions and observations on their historic building restoration projects. In the article, Transformative Technology – Table PC Software Modernized Facility Condition Assessments, published in the October 2012 issue of  Properties Magazine , Michael Sanbury and Elizabeth Corbin Murphy describe how this technology has streamlined  their processes of assessments.

Watch an on-demand webinar recording here, or contact Kelly Streeter, PE,  partner at TPAS and Vertical Access.

TPAS Presents to Delegation of Chinese Building Professionals

Over lunch on November 8th, TPAS partner Kelly Streeter and Charlie Kramer from Beyer Blinder Belle talked to a group of 18 Chinese building professionals.  The topic of conversation was about the role of technology in BBB’s architecture practice and the role of TPAS for the organized and efficient collection and usable reporting of site data.

A part of a BIMET (BIM Executive Training) group, the professionals hail from private and public industry all over China, representing, in part, China Academy of Building Research, SMARTCHINA Technology Group, and the Shanghai Construction Group.

Led by industry leader Jerry Laiserin, the group is spending two jam-packed weeks touring design and technology facilities throughout the US.  Their first stop was in New York, and one of their first meetings was their introduction to TPAS.

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