TPAS University: Setting custom photo names with the photo name dialog box

Today at TPAS University, Kelly Streeter shows how to create custom photo names using the TPAS Photo Name dialog box.

The dialog box appears whenever TPAS is re-loaded, or whenever a TPAS drawing is opened in AutoCAD. You can also access the dialog box directly from the drop-down TPAS menu.

Photos named in TPAS always include the X-Y coordinates of the accompanying text note. The X-Y precision can be adjusted, depending on the scale of the structure or site being surveyed. In most cases, a precision of “1” – yielding X-Y coordinates in whole numbers – is desirable.

TPAS photo names usually include the block name, condition code, and year. These options can be turned on and off using the checkboxes in the TPAS Photo Name dialog box.

The Prefix and Suffix fields allow powerful customization of photo names. You can enter any numerals or text that you want to be included in each photo name – for example, the name of the project or the surveyor’s initials. The Prefix and Suffix fields can also contain block attribute data about the condition photographed, such as the priority, severity or amount. Since block attributes themselves are customizable, the options for photo naming are endless.

Please post in the comments below or contact Kelly if you have questions about this feature.